There are public and private transportation options to transport you and your loved one in and around the city.  They vary in price and what they provide to get you around town. Confirm in advance they can meet your loved one’s specific needs.

Although the following are examples of transportation in Toronto, For options in your geographic area, Google, transportation for special needs

  • TTC Public Transportation – Buses, Streetcars, Subways
  • TTC Wheel-Trans
  • TTC Support Person Assistance Card
  • Taxis and Other Vehicle Services and Escorts
  • Independent Drivers For Hire

It’s important to acknowledge when your loved one should no longer get behind the wheel. Transitioning from being a driver to a non-driver is often difficult. Involve their doctor. He/she can be the one who asks them to take a driver’s test to assess their overall driving.

Alzheimer’s Society Ontario
This site provides some insights on how to recognize when it is time for your loved one to stop driving and what you can do.

Helpful Hint
• Socializing, physical activities and a change of scenery outside their home, all contribute to your loved one’s overall happiness.

TTC Public Transportation – Buses, Streetcars, Subways

All TTC buses are equipped with a ramp at the front door and have the ability to kneel, or lower the bus, to accommodate strollers and mobility aids (walkers, wheelchairs etc.).

TTC Support Person Assistance Card

It is a photo identification card with a photo of the person requiring assistance from a Support Person. With this card one support person accompanying the card holder can ride on the TTC for free. To receive a card, an application must be filled out.

Taxis and Other Vehicle Services and Escorts

Enables Me
List of wheelchair accessible taxi and transit services in the GTA.

Helpful Hint
• You can purchase chits in advance from some of the taxi companies so your loved one doesn’t have to deal with cash, credit or debit cards.
• Give the driver a roadmap of the most direct route to your loved one’s destination.

Toronto Dementia Network
A support service that provides escorted or unescorted transportation to medical appointments, shopping and to various social activities and programs. Services may vary between agencies. Fees may apply.

Trans Care
Low cost and senior-friendly transportation and escort services to medical appointments, other therapeutic programs and grocery shopping.

Toronto Central Health Line
Non-emergency transportation to local and long-distance medical appointments and regular activities such as grocery shopping and banking.

Circle of Care
Transportation services in the GTA. Multicultural services. Over 25 languages spoken.

Independent Drivers For Hire

Driving Miss Daisy
Provides accompaniment, companionship and personal transportation services for seniors and others with special needs.

Seniors for Seniors
Unlike a taxi or local transportation, companions can accompany your loved one for the full duration of their errand. Driver companions use their own personal automobiles and can accommodate seniors with cognitive impairments, walkers and collapsible wheelchairs. All employees are covered by liability insurance while transporting a client.

For more options Google, transportation for special needs