Wherever your loved one is living, there are ways of prepping the home, taking precautionary measures to make their environment safer and easier to get around.

There are props and specialty devices that can be installed in their home. There are also services available, including a third party alert system and housekeeping and yard maintenance, all of which are designed to help your loved one keep their independence and give them a sense of confidence and wellbeing.

Hack Care is an IKEA-style catalogue of DIY adjustments for dementia-friendly homes.

There are also many things you can remove or alter to reduce obstacles and simplify their surroundings. Some things you can do right away.

Helpful Hint
• Remove rugs
• Minimize the furniture
• Lower hot water temperature
• Have sufficient lighting throughout
• Place keys, wallets, mobile phones and other valuables all in one place
• Minimize the number of mirrors as images in mirrors can confuse or frighten
• Display their favourite photos and other meaningful objects around their house.
• Install a calendar/journal recording their daily meal schedule, appointments, visitors, activities etc.

Some specialty products and devices are government subsidized. Ask the company you are purchasing from about the financial assistance. Some of them even have the official forms on hand and will offer to do the paper work for you.

Ontario Government
With a long-term physical disability, financial assistance for some equipment and supplies is available upon qualifying for the Assistive Devices Program. To find out if you qualify, start here.

Products, Services and Specialty Devices

Safety handles and balance bars
Handles and bars can be installed throughout your loved one’s home, giving them something to hold onto wherever they are.

Raised toilet seat
Placing a raised seat on top of their existing toilet seat tends to be physically easier for an individual to manage.

Staircase chair lift
A chair is installed on a moving device along the staircase that carries the individual up and down the stairs.

Small bench in the shower
A water resistant bench allows your loved one to sit while taking a shower.

Wheelchairs & walkers
There are person-propelled and electric wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs that are reminiscent of scooters, and there are custom wheelchairs. Walkers come with a variety of features to suit your loved one’s needs, including wheels, seats and baskets. The resident physio-therapist often helps in the decision making process and the fitting of the device.

Most of these devices can be found at the following websites.

Senior Store
A Canadian Company that sells or rents Home Care Equipment; high-quality assistive devices, medical equipment and wellness products delivered straight to your door. They also have authorized therapists available to provide assessments, and take care of all the forms needed and guide you to whether you qualify for funding.

Age Comfort
A Canadian Company that has one of the largest and most unique selection of Home Health Care Products for seniors and their caregivers.

Home Stairlifts
A rental and sales service with quality products, reasonably priced and professionally delivered.

Stair Lifts 411
This company sells Stair Lifts and this page gives you an overview of what to look for and expect when considering a purchase.


This Website gives you an overall summary of what is available and helpful hints on how to choose the right product for your loved one. They service Canada as well as the US

Third Party Alert Systems
Communication devices that allow your loved one, wherever they are, to immediately speak with a help centre.

Life Assure Medical Alert System
A wide range of Medical Emergency Alert Devices.

Toronto Central Health Line
Emergency response systems are set up in an individual‘s home to provide monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The person can quickly call for help in a personal or medical emergency by simply pushing a button.

For more options Google: assistive devices

Housekeeping and Yard Maintenance
Keeping up the house and yard can be challenging. Get help!

Information about agencies that offer indoor and outdoor home maintenance services for seniors and adults with disabilities. This includes installing grab bars and other devices, grass cutting, leaves and snow removal etc. Rates vary by the hour or by service. Contact the agency to confirm costs.

Trans Care Community Support Services
Grass cutting, snow removal, leaf raking, yard clean up, gardening etc. They can also refer you to local companies or individuals who can do other tasks.

Trans Care Community Support Services
A wide range of cleaning services to help keep your home spotless. All of our cleaning services are available seven days a week.

Home Services Toronto
House cleaning, maids, full time house keepers, overnight sitting, extra helpers for any event, in Toronto York and North York, charging an hourly fee.

For more options Google, home and yard maintenance for seniors