Maintaining your loved one’s regular grooming and healthcare routine, as well as adapting and prepping the home to accommodate his/her changing needs as they arise, contribute to their complete wellbeing and overall happiness.

Many grooming and healthcare professionals make house calls and most care facilities have several different professionals coming in on a regular basis. Making him/her feel clean, groomed and spiffy, with their health care needs met, is important. Sprucing up your loved one can also be a fun activity to do together!

To make things easier there is Adaptive Clothing and Footwear which helps an individual maintain independence.

There are also products, services and specialty devices for prepping the home, that have been designed to assist your loved one while helping them remain as independent as possible in their home.

Their home is wherever your loved one is living, including their family home, apartment/condo, shared accommodation or care facility.

Prep the Home by installing devices and equipment in their home to make their environment safer and easier for them to navigate.

A Third Party Alert System provides immediate contact to an outside source if the individual needs assistance of any kind.

Assistance in Housekeeping and Yard Maintenance helps alleviate stress. There are individuals and companies for hire, to help maintain your loved one’s home and property.

Helpful Hint

• With any person who will be servicing your loved one, it’s always recommended to confirm their qualifications.