There are day programs set up specifically for individuals with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. These day programs can be enjoyed by both verbal and non-verbal individuals at every stage of cognitive decline.

There are day programs available in many locations in our city. They offer a wonderful selection of different activities, so it is worth your time checking out your options to find the ones that are particularly appealing to your loved one, or one’s you think they will enjoy. They include trained and/or experienced staff who teach a variety of activities, such as art and music appreciation and participation, dance, movement, painting, drawing, colouring, photography, discussion groups, movie and sports viewing, and any one of a number of other individual and social activities, in wheel-chair accessible facilities.

Don’t be surprised to discover that your loved one develops a new hobby. An activity that previously wasn’t of interest may suddenly become a passion, and both you and they may be amazed at how much they derive pleasure from something they never considered doing in their younger years. They may even become extraordinarily skilled at it, or already have a natural talent for it.

Day programs expose your loved one to new possibilities and can even help stimulate areas in their brain that were inactive before they started participating in the new activity. When they discover something they are good at and really enjoy, it can dramatically improve their happiness level and overall wellbeing. Day programs also expose them to new people, activities and a new environment, which can often make their lives more fun, interesting and fulfilling.

Adult Daycare Guide A wealth of information on how to assess your loved one’s needs

Memory Company Respite Resort is a luxury facility that provides the VIP treatment for people living with memory loss, and provides a guilt-free option for their Care Partners. Day Programs are available.

Toronto Central Health Line is a portal to all the city’s day programs available at various community centres in the GTA, Adult day programs (ADP) provide part-of-the-day supervised programming in a group setting for dependent adults, such as the frail elderly, individuals with Alzheimer’s, or individuals with disabilities. Services may include leisure activities, meals and personal care.

The Toronto Dementia Network collects, organizes and disseminates information about dementia related programs, services and events in Toronto. It is funded by the Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto.

The Community Navigation and Access Program (CNAP) is a network over 30 community support service (CSS) agencies in the Toronto area who are collaborating to improve access and coordination of support services for older adults, their care providers and health care stakeholders. The CNAP Network Agencies aim is to ensure that every door leads to service so that older adults can reach the care they need and live independently. CNAP is supported by the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (TC LHIN) through the Ontario Aging At Home Strategy.

SPRINT Senior Care’s Active Living Centre provides seniors and adults who are physically frail and/or have cognitive impairments with opportunities to socialize and participate in stimulating programs that are supportive of individuals’ needs and abilities. Programs’ activities, such as art, gentle exercise, and discussion groups, are organized by our caring and expert staff. There is a phone number to contact them and a calendar of events. They also provide transportation to their events for a small fee.

For more options Google, adult day programs