There are many consultants to choose from to help you, that offer different types of services.

Some of these consultants will inform and educate you of all your options as you determine what is best for your loved one going forward. Other consultants will advise and guide you every step of the way, with one-on-one consultations in your home, and together you determine the best care for your loved one, now and in the future. These consultants will even set up meetings and accompany you to care facilities with a list of questions to help you select the best option for your loved one. Whichever type of consultant you use, they will help you navigate the entire process, from figuring out what kind of care your loved one needs to finding a new home for your loved one, and everything in between.

Some consultants offer their services for free, and some you will have to pay for, contingent upon the services they are providing.

Consultants in the healthcare area is a growing field, in part as a result of the large ageing population. They are also referred to as Healthcare Navigators.

A good place to start to help you determine the next step to take in receiving some care for your loved one is with the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). It is a public service and is government subsidized.

LHIN will assess your loved one to determine their needs and how they can help. They will help you make informed decisions about the short and long-term care for your loved one. They will then help you access the care needed.

Once the LHIN’s services are in place, then you can decide if you need to find more help and what kind of help that might be. There are numerous different types of specialists to choose from:

Doctors/Gerontologists/Alzheimer’s Specialists
Senior Care Advisors
Memory Clinic Advisors
Social Workers …

Helpful Hint
• Your doctor can give you referrals for specialists.
• There are private consultants as well. Make sure you check their credentials.

Lianas provides professional guidance and customized solutions to families and caregivers through every stage of the transition process of a loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

To familiarize themselves with you and your unique situation, their Authorized Senior Advisors conduct face-to-face consultations in your home. Based on their professional assessment, they help you arrive at the best solution for you and your loved one’s needs.

With their extensive network of professional and experienced partners, Lianas provides knowledge, resources and services supporting seniors in transition.

They help you navigate a new residence search for your loved one; downsize; sell the existing home; organize the move into a new home or care facility or advise on home care solutions.

Lianas helps eliminate stress and bears the brunt of the burden of the transition process, with Authorized Senior Advisors in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver.

The Elder’s Advocate The Advocacy Centre for the Elderly is a community based legal clinic for low income senior citizens. ACE is managed by a volunteer board of directors at least half of whom are seniors. ACE is funded through Legal Aid Ontario and is the first legal clinic in Canada to specialize in the legal problems of seniors.

Cota A free Service. Cota’s Geriatric Mental Health (GMH) Case Management service provides individualized support to clients living with age-related dementia, and clients over age 65 living with a serious mental illness. This service is available in Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough and downtown Toronto.

Alzheimer Society Ontario A network of 29 Alzheimer Societies across Ontario offers a variety of services, including private and family counselling, support groups and day programs, educational workshops and referral services.