It is important for your loved one to maintain healthy eating habits and to remain hydrated, for their overall wellness.

There are options:

  • Prepared Meal Delivery Services
  • Grocery Delivery Services
  • Restaurant Delivery Services

Helpful Hint

There are several things you can do to supplement your loved one’s diet and encourage regular hydration:
• Include vitamin supplement drinks with their meals
• Have their most favourite foods readily available to them
• Serve their food in bite-size portions
• Consider cups with spill-proof lids
• Have refreshments (water, juice, etc.) near by and visible to your loved one at all times so they will be prompted to drink often
• Limit drinks that affect them negatively. They often respond differently to them than in the past. For instance, caffeine can increase restlessness. Alcohol can go straight to their head quickly, making them feel unwell.
• De-alcoholized wine and beer are an excellent alternative. Chances are your loved one won’t even know the difference.

Alzheimer Society of Canada provides hints to better nutrition and food preparation.

Alzheimer Society of Manitoba A comprehensive powerpoint presentation from the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba called, Food For Thought, covering a wide variety of nutrition challenges and solutions.

For more options Google; nutrition and alzheimer’s

Prepared Meal Delivery Services

Blog Toronto Describes the top 10 prepared meal delivery options in Toronto.

Ontario Community Support Meals on Wheels – Nutritionally balanced noon hour hot meals delivered by volunteers who also provide social contact and a safety check. Special diets may be accommodated and frozen meals may be available. This site is a portal to Meals on Wheels availability in your area. You must put your address in to access services.

Meal Fix Canada Your choice of meals delivered in insulated bags and freezer packs. All meals are prepared the day before or day of delivery. Cost varies depending on meal choice. Their Frequently Asked Questions are comprehensive and informative.

Heart to Home Meals Home-style soups, entrées and desserts are delivered frozen to your home.

Essential Meal Delivery They will customize your meals to your specific dietary needs.

Grocery Delivery Services

Grocery Gateway An Online Grocery store that provides fresh produce and staples, for delivery. They are associated with Longo’s.

For more options Google; grocery home delivery GTA

Restaurants Delivery Services

Many restaurants will deliver ready-made and fresh same-day meals. Most will require you to register before you can order.

Just Eat This website gives you many choices of restaurants to order from.

For more options Google, meals delivered GTA