Once long-term decisions for health care, long-term care, finances and property have been made, then your loved one’s wishes are formalized in a legal document.

A Will is a legal document that expresses the wishes of distribution of the individual’s estate after they are gone. As part of the process, it’s important to appoint a Power of Attorney.

A Power of Attorney (POA) document legally allows the appointee to make essential financial and other important decisions on their behalf, once they are no longer capable.

A Living Will is a legal document that expresses how the individual wishes to be treated in certain future medical situations.

Many forms you need can be completed without professional help and are available online.

If the person you are caring for has a complex situation, it’s a good idea to seek legal advice from an attorney that specializes in elder law.

Helpful Hint
• The person named in the POA document should have easy access to the original document.
• A successor or back-up person should be named in the POA document in case the original person, down the line, is unable to act on their behalf.

Here are a few sites that offer information and documents you may need.

The True Help Canadian Financial Security Program Library
Access to free legal forms. They ask that you complete a two page survey about your investment views and banking interests. Once you do the survey, you have access to any legal forms you wish. You can unsubscribe to their newsletter anytime.

The Law Depot: Easy Legal Forms In Minutes
A free, one-week trial, where you can download any documents you might need. A credit card is submitted and after the one-week trial, if you have NOT cancelled the subscription, you will be charged a monthly fee to use as many documents as you wish.

Legal Contracts
You can get a free one-week trial. Various subscription options are available for your needs.

For more options Google, Legal Forms