Communicating with our loved ones and friends experiencing Dementia or Alzheimer’s is challenging.


Particularly at this time of isolation, it is very important to find fun activities to engage in.

Mindful activities and games have been developed to help us interact with people in varying stages of cognitive ability. They stimulate recognition and trigger memories, through familiar images and music. They encourage participation that can be expressed verbally and non- verbally.

Adventures of a Caregiver: A huge list of Dementia Activities created by caregivers. A list of engaging, Dementia friendly activities that seniors love.

The Tovertafel (‘Magic Table’ in Dutch) is the very first commercially available evidence-based light game system for dementia patients.
It contains a series of games for people living with moderate to severe dementia, engineered to encourage instinctive participation, inviting engagement and stimulating a level of physical and social activity rarely seen in people with late stage dementia.

Art Jump Start is a collection of easy art projects to try at home using materials from your recycling.

Art therapy has been widely practiced for many years. Colouring with your loved one not only is calming for them but also for the caregiver. It provides and activity that you can share together. To get you started, here are a some free Mandalas to print, so you can start sharing some calming colouring time together

Home Activities with Family and Caregivers

Maria’s Place Aging and Dementia friendly fun activities for Caregivers and older adults

Caregiver Homes Memory Care Activities. Stimulating Activity for Alzheimer’s patients

Music Memories New BBC website connects dementia patients with the songs they love.

Best Alzheimer’s Products A website that provides a variety of products to use at various stages of Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto The Music Project, through the Alzheimer’s Society, downloads your loved one’s favourite tunes onto an iPod, free of charge.

For more options Google, activities/games for seniors