To help your loved one maintain good grooming and healthcare there are a variety of excellent options available to them.

Many qualified professionals make house calls and many offices are wheelchair accessible, making it easier for your loved one to maintain their overall wellbeing.

If they are in a facility, check with staff who is coming in on a regular basis to service and care for the grooming and healthcare needs of the residents. Some services are included, and some are not.

In most care facilities a medical doctor visits regularly to check residents and to address any health concerns staff, caregivers and family members have for your loved one.

Doctor Home Call
Family Physicians provide Home Calls in Toronto and surrounding area. This service is free of charge with a valid OHIP card.

EPICITI Mobile Dental Care
Their network of Dentists, Dental Hygienists and Denturists specialize in mobile house call dental services.

Toronto Central Health Line
Mobile dental services for seniors in hospitals and long-term care facilities.

Mobile Dental Clinic
Mobile denture services and dental cleaning in homes, hospitals, nursing and retirement homes.

Canadian Council of the BlindMobile Eye Clinics take comprehensive eye exams administered by registered optometrists in senior residences.

Senior Necessities
Podiatrists practice safe pedicuring for diabetics and people with compromised immune systems.

Foot care nurses who come to you. They are trained and skilled in identifying and treating ailments that can impact foot health. They also provide treatments such as clipping, treating callouses, corns and much more.

Services Toronto Dementia Network Footcare
A comprehensive list of Footcare specialists in the city. Some may make house calls.

Wright Spa offering manicures, pedicures, massage and facials.

Helpful Hint
• Toenails need to be clipped on a regular basis. Chiropodists/Podiatrist take care of this as well as more serious feet and lower limbs issues.
• Most Chiropodists/Podiatrist do not clip fingernails as well. You need to make separate arrangements for this.

There are mobile manicurists and manicurists working in wheelchair accessible facilities. Some neighborhood mani/pedi salons may offer mobile services upon request. In some care facilities the PSW’s (Personal Support Workers) will clip fingernails if you ask them, though it is not part of their responsibility, and may not happen on a regular basis.

Some facilities have a beauty salon on the premises. All you have to do is set up an appointment. In addition to hair care, some of them offer manicures and pedicures.

Hair Cuts on Wheels
Mobile hair salon servicing Toronto and the GTA wherever you are: home, hospital or care facility.

Senior Necessities
Haircuts, perms and hair colouring in the comfort of your own home with a portable shampoo tray attached to the neck so that your loved one doesn’t have to lean forward.

Trans Care Community Support Services
In-home care with certified Personal Support Workers (PSW’s) who provide help with the activities of daily living including Hair Care.

Adaptive Clothing & Footwear
There is adaptive clothing/footwear for seniors to help them maintain independence.

Clothing and Footwear for Independent & Assisted Dressing.

Geri Fashions
Canadian Owned and operated. Adaptive Clothing for Ladies and Men in Stylish Easy Wear.

Chic Chez Vous
Quality adaptive clothing with a modern look.

For more options Google, Health and Care Services for Seniors