Mission Statement

Liliane, Barbara and Chloë are bringing their unique combination of personal and career experiences and artistic expressions to the cause – that of helping families and caregivers provide a joyful, comfortable and dignified existence for those living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

We, the authors of this site, do not endorse any one service, product, activity or organization over another. We are simply providing you with options available to you.

Meet Our Team

Liliane Vidicek
Liliane Vidicek
After Liliane’s experience caring for a close friend, Grant, she wanted to make it easy for caregivers to find the help and information they need. This led to the creation of All-Alzheimer’s.

Liliane’s story:
Grant, the husband of a long-time friend of Liliane’s, was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 65. His decline was rapid.

Within 14 months he was placed in a hospital, requiring full supervision. Liliane became one of his caregivers, to help Karen, her friend, Grant’s wife.

Once it became too difficult to care for Grant at home, he was moved to a hospital and lived there for 5 months, while his family researched facilities where Grant would receive the care he now needed. They quickly discovered the majority of long-term care facilities were still adjusting to the growing population of senior citizens in today’s world, and the challenges that come with it.

In the hospital, and then the long-term care facility where Grant lived, neither were entirely equipped to accommodate the particular needs of Alzheimer’s patients, nor the needs of their caregivers.

Like many Alzheimer’s caregivers, Karen had no place to go in the facility to take a necessary respite from the demanding responsibility of Grant.

This prompted Karen to create a caregiver lounge in the Oakville Hospital, the city in which she and Grant had lived. It is named in honour of Grant, and is enjoyed by many. Liliane helped raise money for the project.

Liliane Vidicek worked in advertising sales before launching her own business. She also dabbles in art.

Chloë Arnould
Chloë Arnould
Chloë’s mother, Pamela, has Dementia. Her cognitive abilities continue to change. She’s chatty but has an attention span of about 1.5 seconds, making it impossible to have a conversation with her. She becomes confused, distracted and restless quickly. The visits had become frustrating, difficult … and short.

Chloë then developed some interactive discussion sheets with images and subjects she knew her mother enjoyed. She initially introduced 5 of these sheets as an experiment. They provided a focus for her mother. The images triggered memories and the words provided prompts. It resulted in 45 wonderful minutes of fun conversation and distraction-free reminiscing.

It was good for both their souls.
Chloë Arnould is an artist and writer. She wrote for a newspaper in northern Ontario, and then worked in advertising sales for magazines, before launching her own business.

Chloë’s drawings and paintings are on a variety of products including activity sheets used to engage and communicate with people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

They are also used in entertaining and educational exercises, enjoyed by many.

Chloë’s products are communication and learning tools with colourful visual enhancers.

All her images and products are at: www.bellartisan.com

Barbara Allan
Barbara Allan
Becoming involved in the All-Alzheimer’s project was a natural fit for Barbara, after the experience of helping with the caregiving of her father, Bill.

She realized during this caregiving period that there was a real void in Toronto for a local, one-stop Alzheimer’s resource. In particular, she saw an opening for a type of resource that would be geared towards those families and caregivers managing an individual living with the disease through its various stages.

Barbara was an educator and guidance counsellor with the Peel District School board for 33 years. She has also been an avid photographer since her teenage years. You can browse through some of her catalogue on her website www.ballan.ca